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Vision and mission

Venwoude stands for the conscious development and practical application of one’s personal power and qualities, committed to and in tune with the greater whole that we are all part of.

Through its great variety of retreats, trainings and workshops, Venwoude challenges you to tap into the greater potential within yourself and express it in your life. Venwoude also offers you a stimulating and supportive environment to develop your personal vision and put it to the test in daily practice.

Ever evolving, Venwoude keeps in touch with many centres, initiatives, movements, teachers and other sources of inspiration. As inspiration for Venwoude and as connection to our foreign relations Venwoude offers, workshops and retreats from international teachers.

Watch Venwoude through the eyes of integral teachers.

The estate

Venwoude is a beautiful Retreat Center where people come together to participate and enjoy Workshops, Retreats or Trainings. It is a place to learn and exchange, to breathe and experience, to nourish and rest, to relax and meditate.

Venwoude is situated on an estate of 40 acres. The beautiful nature and the dedication of the residents and employees have created an atmosphere which is beneficial for growth and transformation processes and for contemplation and deepening.

Venwoude Retreat Center is available for groups to rent for Conferences, Workshops, Self-guided Retreats, Trainings, Meditations and Seminars.

Integral practice community

Venwoude was started in 1988 as an experimental community of trainers and participants developing and practising Body work (Emotioneel Lichaamswerk) and Breathwork .

Based on their passion for personal growth, cooperation and sharing, under the inspiring leadership of Ted Wilson, Venwoude has grown into a well-known centre for personal growth and reflection.

For the past two decades, Venwoude has been translating this passion into new forms of cooperation and community life, based on a shared vision that is constantly evolving.

Venwoude is currently run by a core group of 20-25 people.

Sources of inspiration

Venwoude has much affinity to the ideas of visionary, evolutionary thinkers and teachers such as Ken Wilber , Marc Gafni , Ervin Laszlo , Barbara Marx Hubbard and many others.

Many Venwoude delegations have visited fellow communities such as Auroville in India, Damanhur in Italy and Findhorn in Scotland.

In 2009 and 2010 a Venwoude delegation has participated in the Integral Spiritual Experience in San Francisco as facilitator of Breath- and Bodywork workshops.


"Well, it was a coming home for me.....those recent days of Mondo Zen practice with those beautiful, provocative, challenging, exotic and erotic humorous residents of and at Venwoude. I have a home now in the Netherlands and in Europe and that home is Venwoude. My beloved Mary and I look forward to our return for our the next 7 day Mondo Zen Retreat".
Jun Po Denis Kelly

"This is an amazing place where hearts and spirits are renewed; new visions are born; and humans become fully the best they can become.
While Venwoude can be accessed easily through car, train and bus, one gets the very best of the Dutch culture combined with an international flair that welcomes all."
Don Beck

“Venwoude is the place to go for deep personal work. Trainers have a sophisticated cognitive and experiential understanding of working with people as well as exuding a heart-felt warmth. This journey is supported by a caring, nurturing, and beautiful environment.”
Irini Rockwell

"I feel very honoured to be welcomed as an international trainer at Venwoude and I am looking very much forward to have my retreats for women in this wonderful center." RamyaNorell

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