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Qigong empowers meditators with calm clear energy, strength and vibrant health – bringing peace to the body, heart and spirit.

Radiant Heart Qigong teaches the continuity of meditation in stillness and in motion, using the modalities of:
• standing meditation
• sitting meditation
• supine meditation postures, and
• in-motion practices that “presence awareness” through the elements of physical and energetic alignment for well-being and
centered-grounded presence and balance in harmony.

Radiant Heart Qigong embraces action and stillness, cultivating:
• Mindfulness
• Concentration
• Presence
• Compassion

These are the initial and primary distinctions, and represent only part of the energetic and cognitive transmission.  This is the practice of integrating wholeness in embodied meditative action with quality of mindfulness that I call “presence awareness.”

These teachings are fundamentally in harmony with the principles and practices of Dharma.

Qigong, taught in this way, is a dharma teaching in itself. The balance and intersection of stillness and movement find the fullness of expression in qigong meditation. Well-being, balance and bliss are brought into direct present wakefulness – the ground, the path and the goal of Dharma-based qigong. As these practices of health and longevity have been developed in Taoist and Buddhist environments, the principles of natural balanced being, harmony with nature, compassion, calmness and relaxation are dynamically present. Learning and knowledge are now a matter of direct experience in this meditative endeavor. Healing and transformation are a matter of ‘letting go’ to the luminous intelligence of our true nature. Recognition of our oneness with all that is – is no longer a concept, but an immediate experience that arises simultaneously with our normal awareness.

"Don't miss this opportunity to practice with this internationally well known Qigong Master. He is absolutely more than an artist of movement. This man is extremely well developed and deeply rooted in spiritual traditions of truth. You will experience that in every movement he facilitates and in every word he ads to that."

Mauk Pieper, senior teacher, coach, trainer, author, Unique Self teacher, at Venwoude

Teja Bell

Throughout his lifetime, Teja Bell has been a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Tao, integrating qigong, martial arts and healing energy practices. He is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Aikido (5th degree black belt) and of Chinese Internal Arts with a special emphasis on the healing and restorative aspects of qigong and meditation. Besides being the qigong teacher and martial arts Sensei of the Rinzai Zen Hollow Bones order, he is a regular visiting teacher on residential retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he has taught over 80 retreats since 1999 with many teachers in the Theravadin Insight Meditation tradition, including Jack Kornfield and Robert Hall.

Teja is also a musician and recording artist. For more information and access to his recordings and performances, go to

Teja Bell Fudo Myoo continues to unfold the mysteries of Qigong in waves: rising, falling and crashing on the shores of silence.

It wasn’t until I had studied with Teja for some time that I realized that although he seemed to make no waves, he was a wave. He always responded appropriately. Sometimes he was just a ripple, and sometimes the force of a Tsunami.

If you are serious, eager to learn and truly transform your life, seek him out. He is truly a master who embodies the teachings.

DoShin Hannya MJ Nelson - Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen Roshi
Founder of IntegralZen

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