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Wild [wahyld] def. from Gitama’s private tantric dictionary:
Consciousness, Love, Bliss, Grace, Silence, Devotion, Orgasm, Desire, Wonder, Ecstasy, Compassion, Freedom, Emptiness, Wisdom, Purity, Enlightenment, Meditation, Creativity, Passion, Masters, Oneness, Tantra...
You after WildTantra Initiation !!

“Did you ever realize that everything fulfilling in life is wild? Have a closer look: Love, consciousness, bliss, orgasm, ecstasy… These are dimensions of union that have one thing in common: they are wild! You can’t manipulate, control or dominate them. If you try to do so, you will see that you cannot take hold of them! The art is to surrender to them in order to fall back into your enlightened state. Through various precious tantric methods, unpredictable situations, using all means possible, WildTantra guides you into this non-dual dimension within you and support you in anchoring yourself into it.” Gitama

WildTantra is transmitting Tantra as a wild, crazy, unspoiled path of spiritual awakening, without the denial of sexual energy, but with its transformation into an ultimate state of consciousness by tapping into unifying forces. It is an invitation to wake up to the wildness of your body, heart and consciousness! It is for the courageous ones who are not afraid to say yes to all aspects of life. If you are one of them, join us. We take care of waking you up to the power of union within you!

WildTantra Introduction

One day group for Singles & Couples
This day is meant for people who wish to join the WildTantra year training “Path of Awakening” or are simply interested to get to know us before deciding to join. It offers you the opportunity to experience some of our methods and feel if this Path is for you. It is as much for you to get to know us than for us to get to know you as we want to be able to inform you that you are “fit” to enroll for our intensive retreats.

Here are some topics we explore:
– Understanding the WildTantra approach.
– Experience some of our methods.
– Get to know us and us to know you.
– Get the approval from Pema to join the year training.
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WildTantra Path of Awakening

Tantra Path for Singles & Lovers
WildTantra Path of Awakening is a journey from pleasure to bliss, from ignorance to understanding, from illusion to awakening! In this vibrant alive process Tantra is exploring an ultimate path of enlightenment where everything in you is used, transformed to fuel your body, your heart and your being with the highest quality of life force, of love and of consciousness.
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Pema Gitama

Renamed Mama by the Team, she is co-founder of WildTantra – a tantric family of lovers, as she likes to call it. Since 1999, she transmits the Tantra Kaula of the Heart of All Lineage that she receives from her Tantric Master Leela as well as the precious wisdom of Osho. Her way of sharing Tantra carries a great deal of wildness, love, sharpness and an unpredictable sense of humor.
She is assisted by the Wild Tantra Team, a group of experienced tantricas, who empowers the group process with healing energy and motherly care. If she doesn’t run too short on time, you can have the opportunity to meet her, heart to heart, for a private session where she offers you personal guidance on various issues of your life and guides you in process of meditation that suits your inner growth.

She is the author of the books: Tantra, The Whispering Transmission (2010), Tantra Sarpá-vid, The Snake Charmer Initiation (2012) and she is co-creator of the music Sarpá-vid Meditation CD (2009).

“Every single moment Tantra teaches me not to believe in anything unless I have lived it from the depth of my guts. It pushes me to drop all fears and sense of separation. It transforms the sleepy pussycat in me into a wild untamed tigress. My work is to undress everyone lovingly, consciously in order to meet in the pure emptiness of the heart...” Gitama

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Tantra Vol II, The Hidden Mysteries

This book is the follow-up to Tantra Vol. I, The Whispering Transmission (2010), where in the form of a story I share my Tantric experiences and my meeting with Leela, a Master of a mysterious Tantric School in India. The journey continues in this book, this time following the current of an Indian river upstream to its source in Tibet. Along the banks of this river various Masters from different Tantra lineages share their wisdom and offer unpredictable challenges, situations and precious Tantra practices.
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